Premenstrual Syndrome

Anxiety, depression and anger outbursts can be symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).  In this case, the negative feelings and behavior congregate before, during or after menstruation. They can also appear during ovulation, mid-cycle.

It’s not unusual for a client to tell me they are desperately unhappy and want to divorce their husband, but next session, say, “Oh, haha, turns out it was just my period, we’re fine now.”

Unfortunately, as the monthly cycle continues and she again has these same feelings and behavior, she forgets the connection to her period!

How is this possible?

PMS takes over the brain. It immerses us so completely in painful emotions and tension that keeping an objective perspective is impossible.

Studies show that the longer PMS goes uncontrolled, the greater the likelihood that it will get worse. Indeed, PMS can wreck lives, marriages and families. It is a big deal.

Hypnosis helps women with PMS by building resiliency, hope and balance. We learn to identify negative behavior as it begins and how to choose positive behavior instead. And we learn how to relieve PMS symptoms.

Often, an experience in childhood or early adolescence underlies menstrual mood disorders. For instance, if we didn’t feel informed or supported during painful menstrual cycles, or if menstruation was frightening, embarrassing or humiliating, these unhappy feelings can play a role in how we experience menstruation today. Hypnosis allows us to go back and bring comfort and love to the inner-child-self, and to bring and understanding and resolution to these feelings.

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