Spiritual experience is not one thing. For some of us, it is the experience of awe and wonder that occurs while learning about science, or thinking about the miracle of having been born, indeed, of existing on this beautiful earth. What were the odds of that? We get to live as a totally unique being — ourself, one of a kind. How inexplicably marvelous.

For others, spiritual feelings develop during creative work such as preparing a family meal, or introspective work such as writing a poem, or during religious exercises such as prayer or contemplation.

However you might “get there,” spiritual experience is tremendously helpful in challenging times such as recovery from an accident, coming to terms with the end of a relationship, grieving the loss of a loved-one, or in one’s own preparation to pass from this life.

My mentor, Rochelle Jaffe, calls spiritual hypnotherapy “Soul Medicine.” In trance, anything you can conceive of can be called into experience. We can invite loving ancestors to appear to our inner sight, or see people in our life who have passed, or we can float out to the stars or to heaven, where we can sense who we are in a different way.

Each hypnotherapist is different and works differently with their clients. That can make the field confusing but also fascinating.

In my case, because I have experience with meditation, I like integrating mindfulness into my sessions and also, with some clients, deep meditation.

In the field of hypnotherapy, New Age spirituality has found a home: shamanic journeying, auric healing, chakra cleansing, cord cutting and past life regression are common features, and many clients seek out a hypnotherapist specifically for these practices.

Because hypnotherapy is a tool that can be used to explore consciousness, it has invited serious exploration into the mysteries of a supposed afterlife. In the 1980s, a professor of clinical psychiatry, M Michael Newton, PhD, stumbled onto reincarnation in his practice. Dr. Newton, an atheist at that time, was not interested in past life regression but when his client’s past life hypnosis resolved her physical pain, he was intrigued. He embarked on decades of research, carefully evaluating techniques and comparing results. His work solidified the value of past life regression in hypnotherapy, but he has also established the value of “between-life” experience, the supposed time when the soul prepares for its next incarnation.

One thing is clear: whatever it is in life that helps us experience awe and wonder, it will inevitably come up in deeper trance states as a positive and transformative experience.

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