Hypnotherapists are not required to comply with HIPAA, except in the States of Colorado and Washington.

However, confidentiality, including protection of the client’s documents, identity and any shared information or details, is highest priority.

For protection of your files: at Healing Way, we delete and shred our clients’ files once each year.

As for privacy and confidentiality, nothing can be shared: not your identity as a client, and nothing that you say — except with your express permission, of course.

There is one exception to this: if you reveal an intention to harm yourself or someone else, we are required to report this to the appropriate authority.

Also, if you were referred to us by a healthcare practitioner, it is professional courtesy to thank them for the referral — without sharing further information, naturally.

Privacy and confidentiality are such that if we were to meet in a social setting, the hypnotherapist would not address the client first, but would leave it up to the client to say hello or not.

We hope this answers your questions.