Sherlock Holmes said it well

Sherlock Holmes answered mindfully when a client, in a dire situation, asked him if there was still hope…

Holmes walked thoughtfully over to a vase, took a rose and studied it in the light of a window for a moment before saying that … paraphrasing here … that through deduction one can arrive at the veracity of spiritual providence…

and that therefore,

“We have much to hope… from the flowers… “,

for if nature can be so generous as to produce a thing so exquisite, perfect and lovely, and if human consciousness in turn has the capacity to appreciate both its beauty and the generous nature of its creator, then surely, there must be hope.

This is a kind of mindfulness — our aware mind arriving in the present moment, and cherishing the gift of life and the self-aware consciousness that is ours.

Even in times when our hearts are burdened by fear and uncertainty, we have much to hope… from the flowers.