Mindfulness is a practice of allowing, observing, and responding rather than limiting, controlling and reacting to.

Mindfulness trainings are valued by CEOs, nurses, students, priests and parents, who enjoy measurable improvements such as better health, emotional balance, concentration, focus, self-discipline and compassion.

For most of us mere mortals though, it is difficult and frustrating to get “into the zone” and we are unmotivated to practice. We might also lack the confidence, the trust that we can do it.

Both mindfulness and hypnosis begin with gentle focus on the breath and the body. Both go through stages of groundedness, observation and opening. By emphasizing these similarities, I offer my clients an “entry point” that can be modulated during their home practice into a beautiful state of mindfulness meditation or into self-hypnosis with affirmations, visualizations, etc.

Rather than spending months of frustrating beginner’s work on mindfulness, you can experience the beauty now with mindfulness hypnosis. Call me with any questions and to see if my work as a hypnotherapist can be of value to you. (541) 708-3564