Medical Support Hypnotherapy

The mind and body are on a continuum. When we ease stress or emotional pain, the body can start to feel better. When we relieve chronic physical pain, the emotional mind can relax and for many people, this is the start of feeling hope.

A stressful life event often precedes illness. A doctor might ask a new client, “Did anything stressful happen about six months ago?” It takes about six months for stress to evolve into illness, and this connection is well-known.

With hypnotherapy, both the body and the mind have an opportunity to let go of stress and reach new equilibrium. Pain reduction, emotional release and integration, and general improved health are possible.

How does this happen?

  1. During trance state, a client’s muscles and nervous system are able to become much more relaxed than in the normal waking or sleeping state, so that blood and oxygen can penetrate deep into the body’s tissues – even into areas that were tight, constricted, inflamed and painful. The muscles relax. The breathing naturally deepens. Studies even show hormones balancing and brainwaves slowing and becoming smooth.
  2. Now the nervous system switches from the “fight, flight or freeze” response into “rest and restore.” Only in “rest and restore” can the body and mind begin to heal. In today’s world, most of us are frozen in “fight, flight or freeze.” We can hardly remember what it feels like to deeply relax, feel safe and well.
  3. In the trance state, clients are often surprised at the insight, understanding and even wisdom that just seems to flow to them, leading to clarification and resolution of questions, and providing emotional closure.
  4. The hypnosis trance state is tailored to each individual and their unique situation. No two sessions are alike.

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Hypnotherapy has proven value for many medical conditions, including :

Pain reduction

Surgery (reduce bleeding, speed healing)

Inflammation (auto-immune illness)

Weight Management

Smoking cessation

Stress management

Birth and Breastfeeding Traumas

Hypnotherapy is also an opportunity to offer comfort and support to persons with chronic or terminal conditions.