I encourage the practice of mindfulness with my clients.

With some of my clients – not all – I find that we naturally head towards a very deep meditative state during the session, and that they spend quite a lot of time in meditative stillness.

I was delighted to read recently about a famous MD hypnotist who compared different hypnosis styles, including deep meditative hypnosis. He was so encouraged by the meditation results that he made it his specialization. He found it especially effective with clients who were anxious, clients who had cancer, and clients who had premenstrual syndrome.

With clients who have cancer, he would initially guide them into deep meditation for one hour each morning for one month, and then begin to space out the meetings, encouraging a home practice of meditation for the interim.

I would be fascinated and honored to do this work, should a client wish to go in this direction. (541) 541 708 – 3564