Birth and Breastfeeding Trauma

In two recent studies from Israel, it was found that a full one third of mothers say they were traumatized by their childbirth experience.

Breastfeeding trauma, also called “breastfeeding grief,” develops when a mother wants to breastfeed but encounters unexpected challenges. A major study from England found out that “breastfeeding grief” puts mothers at twice the risk of developing postpartum depression.

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful resource for mothers because it can quickly begin the healing of trauma and help us feel good about being a mother, able to connect “heart to heart” with our children.

Most of my clients say that the first session made a big difference for their life. This is immensely gratifying to me.

Because I know how much it means in the life of that baby, mother, and the entire family when we heal these wounds, I offer this support to mothers, when asked, at a sliding scale that she can afford.

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