Why I Love Giving Hypnosis

Human beings love to hear stories. We are hungry for narratives that explain or illustrate what it is to be alive, how it all works, why we are here. Some of us are movie-buffs, some of us can’t put down novels, some of us dive into family heritage and compile those stories, or we compulsively follow the news.

This love of story is where we can get caught, too. Someone with a good “pitch” can sell us their story, can exploit us. Whether a politician, professor, priest, or salesperson, we all too easily buy into stories and later regret how gullible we were.

We  get caught in our own story, too. We might tell ourself endless stories about our losses or failures, or stories about how life is bad to certain people. Such stories can be passed down, parent to child, through generations, and can be imprinted deep within us where they continue to unfold their effects on our lives from an unconscious level.

This is where hypnotherapy, with its ability to relieve pain – both emotional and physical – and its ability to change our self-talk can be powerful.

I suppose that, as a writer, I tend to look at my clients as works in progress. I know there is an arch to the “plot” of their lives that even they themselves might not see. I believe that we do have the capacity to grow and change, and that through hypnosis, my clients will discover inner architecture and potentials that were unknown to them before. They might even re-write their story. It’s genuinely exciting to see this change, and to appreciate our enormous healing and loving potential .

Today’s science is rediscovering principles of  hypnotherapy: the science of neuroplasticity, or changing the way the brain holds memories and emotions, and the science of mindfulness, or the skill of coming into the present moment.

While one study after another verifies how neuroplasticity and mindfulness improve mental and physical health, hypnotherapists smile: we know that, we’ve seen that, we use that.

Having the science spelled out is useful. It has enabled the development of more modern approaches to hypnotherapy work, and it builds our confidence in what we do.

I do recommend hypnotherapy and hope you will try it, with myself or someone else.