Birth and Breastfeeding

Childbirth trauma is unfortunately very common. In two recent studies, a full one third of mothers said that they were traumatized by their childbirth experience.

Breastfeeding trauma is also common. When a mother wants to breastfeed but has unexpected challenges, she is at twice the risk of developing postpartum depression than a mother who always intended to feed formula or a mother who was successful at breastfeeding.

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful resource for mothers. It can shift us out of feeling stuck and miserable, and allow us to feel connected with our baby and feel good about being a mother. This means so much, as it touches in on the very core of our existence.

Most mothers say that the first session completely changed their life.

I have found that the initial session easily lasts 2 hours, as there are always many layers of emotion to touch in on and resolve.

I am very happy to offer this support to mothers at the regular cost or sliding scale, as I know how much it means in the life of that baby, mother, and family when we heal those wounds.

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