Caregiver Burnout Hypnotherapy

Caregiver Burnout is an interesting area for me as a hypnotherapist.

People who opt for caregiving in their home or profession are as a rule caring, well-intentioned people who want to help others and make a difference in the world.

This describes me, too. My solution is to keep my weekly schedule small enough that I can devote time to each client without over-extending myself. Most people though aren’t able to reduce their caregiving schedule, and this is a conundrum.

Anyone in a caregiving situation at home or professionally is going to run in to similar issues: how to be there for others without becoming drained; how to continue to carry the oft overwhelming responsibility without growing bitter or resentful.

Teachers, doctors, nurses, midwives — all are prone to burnout — including parents.

It is normal for new parents to underestimate the energy and stamina required to care for children. If, on top of that, the family meets on hardship such as loss of employment, or if a family member becomes sick, or a child develops autism or disability, that is a hard adjustment and it frequently leads to burnout.

With the deep relaxation of hypnosis, the “rest and restore” nervous system switches on and stabilizes, which in turn allows the body and brain to heal.

In hypnosis, we can access our inner resources, strengths and creativity and reevaluate our commitment as a caregiver. We can recover our sense of self and sense of choice, so that we can feel in control as we move into the next phase of life.

To reiterate, I like working with Caregiver Burnout because I’ve been there (as a mother). I enjoy being a hypno-caregiver to the caregiver.

I generally reserve one spot on my schedule for a caregiving parent, either pro bono or whatever they can afford. Please feel free to ask.

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