Peek-a-boo I see you… Coaching involves looking at the client with a clear sight, so that the client can see him or herself with more and more clarity and follow through on commitments to intentions and goals.

Usually, people seek coaching as we embark on or do a re-set on a project or pursuit. We don’t want to waste time, we want someone capable at our side to hold us to the task at hand.

I am not that kind of coach. I am not a taskmaster.  It is best to find someone skilled in the field of your ambition to mentor you through the stages of your pursuit.

I offer something else — keen eyes and the intention that your choices  serve your own deepest goals for your life.

In this respect, we can work on motivation and insight.

We can work on decision making and path exploration. Whenever a “this or that” question comes up, we can look into both in a way that gives you multi-layered answers and helps you no longer feel stuck.

And we can build creative energies that line up with joy and a sense of purpose.

We can also do “deep work,” that is, we can address shadow sides, the wounds you may still carry from childhood or more recent events,  so that you can move forward feeling whole and well.