• How does hypnosis feel?
    Hypnosis trance feels calm, relaxing and restorative.
  • How is trance helpful?
    Trance facilitates a shift from the fight-or-flight nervous system, into the rest-and-restore nervous system. In the latter, the brain can begin to heal, choices can be recognized, motivation built, and positive visualizations created and explored.
  • What happens to the rational, conscious part of my brain in trance?
    The rational part of our brain often stands in our way - it constantly looks for explanations and solutions, and its chatter can be distracting. The rational part of the brain is "turned off" or "turned down" in trance, but the conscious part of ourselves, the part that is aware, does not "turn off" - the opposite is true. We are more focused and aware, but also calm.
  • What skills can I take from hypnotherapy into my life?
    After a few sessions, you will be able to practice deep relaxation on your own, to practice self-hypnosis if you would like, and you can also take what we practice together into a mindfulness or meditation practice. With continued practice of any of these, you will continue to build your sense of calm and centeredness, concentration and clarity.
  • What does "Heal the Brain" mean?
    With any enduring problem, the nerves of the brain, so-called "neural pathways" become, in a sense, tied in a knot. The brain circles around and around the problem and is unable to access other parts. That's the feeling of going around in circles, or being caught in obsessive thoughts, or negative self-talk or negative emotions. Through hypnosis and similar processes, we are able to untie those knots so the brain can re-wire itself in a more harmonious pattern. This is quite clearly felt and experienced during and after hypnosis, and is what people mean when they say, "I reconnected with a part of myself that I thought was gone forever," or "The experience was life-changing."
  • How many sessions should I book?
    I generally advise 3 session at a time, unless you are working on a problem that will continue over span of weeks or months, such as weight loss. We can discuss the number of sessions on the phone before you book.
  • How do I prepare and what should I know before my first session?
    If we are meeting online, use earbuds, if possible. Have some water at hand to drink during the session, and some tissues close by. We never know if tears might flow. After the first session, drink a lot of water and rest as much as possible. Occasionally a client experiences 1 – 3 days of fatigue. It will pass. Be careful about driving or handling heavy equipment after a session.
  • How does hypnotherapy help with physical healing?
    Developing a relaxed trance state, blood circulates deeper into the affected tissues in the body, allowing healing and mending processes to take place. Suggestions can be formulated to stimulate the body's healing, regeneration, balance or immune responses. Emotional issues can be addressed and tensions, blocks, anger and sorrow released or transformed. The pain response can be modified. Personal attitudes and insights can evolve that bring peace of mind. Hypnosis has a very good track record in supporting physical healing of all kinds.